Staff Ice System has got a long tradition in production of machines for ice cream parlours and pastry shops. In our pasteurizers you will find only technological innovations, a contemporary design and an efficient dynamism. The necessary tool for every laboratory to reduce the bacterial charge of the raw materials and semi finished products, without compromising the food organoleptic and nourishing features

  • Preset programs for standard uses:
  • pasteurising program at 90/95° C for the chocolate base mixtures to enhance the taste and the aroma.
  • pasteurising program at 85°C for optimal solubilization of the most widespread mixtures.
  • pasteurising program at 65°C with a break of 30′ for the preparation of ice cream and fruit syrups for the keeping of the organoleptic properties of the ingredients.
  • cooling/preserving/maturing program that keeps the the constant temperature of the mix at 4°C 95°C
  • 47 mix treating programs for recipes up to 95°C Each free program can work easily and automatically with preset parameters.
  • The operator can change the cycles in progress dynamically by changing the stirrer speed, the heating temperature, the cooking time and the preserving temperature. He can save the new parameters for subsequent cycles.
  • The Pasteurisating programs are necessary to reduce the bacterial charge from the raw materials and fresh semi finished products, without compromising the food organoleptic and nourishing features. Provide heating to the desired temperatures of 85 ° C (High pasteurisation) or 65°C (low pasteurisation), the possible pause and cooking time and the following cooling down to 4°C. An acoustic signal informs you about the end of the whole cycle. Starts now the aging/conservation cycle, that keeps the constant temperature of the mix at 4°C. The mixer can be used continuously or intermittently. The cycle works completely automatically even in case of black-out.

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Gelati Products Australia

– Multi-language display 2.5 inches with visual, alphanumeric or graphic signals of the cycle in progress.
– Full integration between Inverter and electronics.
– Shelf for any type of container, adjustable height and depth. HACCP Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points
– All the pasteurisation and maturing cycles are saved; with an external printer (optional) you can print all your datas.
– All parts in contact with the mix or the ice-cream are in stainless steel and in non-toxic material; all of them are easily accessible and removable for cleaning.
– Hand shower (optional).
– Magnetic and removable ice-cream mix slide.
– Acoustic and visual malfunction indicators.
– Stainless steel bodywork SICUREZZA / SAFETY
– Agitator stop at the opening of the door controlled by a certified safety control unit. RISPARMIO ENERGETICO / ENERGY SAVING
– Low water consumption thanks to high exchange condensers with wide copper area.


  • Vertical and round tank that allows you to prepare condensed mixes and save immediately the 30% of power supply.
  • The ice-cream base is not stressed during the preservation by any fast stirrer. Inside the tank there is just one agitator that move the mix for the whole tank and turn slowly not to make the product skim
  • Vertical tank allows you to check state of mixing throughout the entire production cycle.
  • Double lid to insert the ingredients while the agitator is moving.
  • Front control panel with favourite icons for a fast selection of mixing, pasteurising and cooling programs.
  • Temperature regulation with PID (proportional integral derivative).
  • Dry heating with electronic card for a precision adjustment of the temperature.
  • Mechanical transmission managed by acceleration ramp to avoid stress to the gears at every boot.
  • Chaine transmission with gear boxes lubricated for life to reduce vibrations and swingings and to avoid slipping, adjusting and replacing of the drive belts.
  • Polyethylene (PE) long lasting scrapers for a perfect cleaning of the tank.
  • Tank defrosting switch to make every agitator’s restart easier.