Smart Gel/Batch Freezer

Smart Gel HSE

Batch-freezer with automatic extraction with time control to reach the desired consistency. Simple and intuitive in each of its functions. permit the production of dairy ice cream and fruit sorbets. HSE201 / 400 / 600 floor standing version “Small”

  • Agitator with three speeds: to batch also small quantities of mix with an always optimal structure and make the extraction and cleaning operations easier.
  • Inverter with acceleration ramp for the agitator to protect the transmission from any mechanical stress.
  • Direct transmission with gear boxes lubricated for life.
  •  Self-adjusting and long lasting POM scrapers, high toughness, they allow a perfect cleaning of the tank. Designed to work in moist rooms and with low temperatures. – Tank’s non-slip carpet.
  • Double door hinge for a perfect closing..  – Tank defrosting switch to make every agitator’s restart easier.
  • Possibility to activate the freezing cycle even during the extraction. -. – Available with air, water, mixed and remote cooling system.

Gelati Ingredients

  • ERGOMONICS – Small or Big according to the customer height to work always with straight chest.
  • Comfortable and wide hopper with extension for a fast mix filling.
  • Large size outlet for a fast removing of the ice-cream without compromising the product quality.
  • Front control panel with reference switches and icons.
  • Shelf for any type of container, adjustable height and depth. HACCP Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points.
  • All parts in contact with the mix or the ice-cream are in stainless steel and in non-toxic material; all of them are easily accessible and removable for cleaning
  • Hand shower (optional)
  • Magnetic and removable ice-cream slide
  • Stainless steel bodywork.

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